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IMPORTANT // Information.

Service Fees (per item)

The service fee for each transaction is based on the original price of the product you are purchasing. This means that the fees for shipping to you will not be used to calculate the service fee. All transactions will be done in USD based on currency rates at http://www.xe.com/ucc. Please note that service fees are subject to changes based on the level of difficulty a product is to search for or other various reasons. All customers will be notified beforehand about any increase in service fee and the reason for the increase. Please note that the fees for Yahoo JP Auction is different.

$1.00 - $25.00 $8.00
$26.00 - $50.00 $15.00
$51.00 - $100.00 $5.00 + 10%
$101.00 - $1000.00 $10.00 + 13%
$1001.00+ $10.00 + 14%

Yahoo JP Auction (per Auction)

Yahoo JP Auction works differently from the shopping service we offer; therefore, it has a different set of fees. However, before requesting for a Yahoo JP Auction service, please read through the following.

Yahoo JP Auction Fees

Yahoo JP Auction fees are composed of the following:

1. Auction Fee: this is the fee that the auction site takes off of the final value of the bid. In most cases, the seller will ask the buyer to cover for this fee; therefore, this fee is included in the price of the auction.

2. Transaction Fee: if a seller's only payment method is through bank transfer, which it is in most cases on Yahoo JP Auction, the seller will ask the buyer to cover the fee that the bank charges for this transaction; therefore, this fee is included in the price of the auction. Although not every seller would charge this fee, we would like to forewarn you that, most likely, this fee will be included in the price of the auction.

3. Misc. Fee: although this is unlikely, a seller may request for additional fees due to various reasons such as travel expenses or extra packaging materials. In this case, the extra fees will also be included in the price of the auction.


There are two types of shipping involved when dealing with Yahoo JP Auction.

1. Domestic Shipping: sellers on Yahoo JP Auction usually do not ship internationally. We can guarantee you that 98% of the sellers would only ship within Japan. Therefore, your price would also include the domestic shipping charged to ship your item(s) to our clients in Japan.

2. International Shipping: this is the shipping to send your item(s) to you. We prefer to use EMS because it is an insured and speedy method of sending anything internationally. Oddly, EMS usually works out to be more economical than registered airmail. Of course, other options exist, and if you would not like to use EMS, please let me know your preferred method of shipping. You can find the prices at http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/.

Yahoo JP Auction Fees

The service fee charged on your item(s) will be calculated on the combined total of your item's winning bid price and all associated Yahoo JP Auction Fees and the domestic shipping fee. It will not be charged on the international shipping fee.

Winning bid: $135.50
Auction Fee: $3.00
Transaction Fee: $2.50
Misc. Fee: $1.00
Domestic Shipping: $5.00

Subtotal: $147.00 - this is the price that your service fee is going to be calculated on.

$1.00 - $30.00 $4.50
$31.00 - $60.00 10%
$61.00 - $100.00 11%
$101.00 - $500.00 12%
$501.00 - $1000.00 $10.00 + 8%
$1001.00+ $20.00 + 7%

Request Form

Please make a new entry with the following request form. In your request form, please give as much information as possible. * denotes required fields.
1. Item name:*
2. Item type: (book, CD, DVD, ticket, etc.)*
3. Item UPC: (for CDs and DVDs)
4. Item ISBN: (for books and mooks)
5. Item publisher:
6. Other information: (a picture or a referral link)*
7. Condition: (new, used or both)*
8. Search period: (the amount of time you'd like us to search this product for, if it's not easily obtainable)*
9. Seeking price: (the price you are seeking/willing to pay for it for without any associated fees such as service fees, shipping, etc.)*
10. Others: (anything else you may want to add)

Shipping/Handling & Payment

Shipping & handling depends largely upon the item(s) you are purchasing as well as your location. After confirming your price for your items, we would like you to pay before-hand for the item(s) the price without shipping. After we have purchased the item(s) for you, we will then weigh and calculate shipping. At that time, we will ask you for the shipping amount. This way, it secures the payment both ways, for us and for you. Paypal users would have to pay an additional $0.40 as paypal fees work out that way. We hope that this isn't too pressing of an issue. Please let us know any alternatives to doing this if you believe it is an issue! We would love to hear your opinions! Lastly, paypal charges a cross-border fee of an additional percent. At this moment, we aren't sure why this fee applies to some and not others who are not in the US, so if this fee happens to present itself, we will notify you and bill the additional onto the shipping charge.

Shipping & Handling Methods

Our preferred method for shipping is EMS if the item(s) are shipping from Japan. If we have the item(s) in stock in the US, then we will use Media Mail as the primary method. However, if you would not like to use the default shipping methods, please let me know your preferred method. Please also let me know if you would like anything additional such as insurance or registered mail. You can check out shipping prices at http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/if your shipment is coming from Japan.

Payment Methods

We accept a variety of payment methods.

1. Paypal (a fee of 3%+$0.40 is added onto the total amount of money sent to cover for paypal charges.)
2. International Money Orders
3. Personal Cheques.

Disclaimers and Policies

All communication will be done through Livejournal or e-mail. Personal information such as e-mails will be screened.

Ura-harajyuku is not responsible for non-obtainable items. If the item is rendered non-obtainable, no service fees will be charged for the search.

Ura-harajyuku is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items during shipping when the customer has not paid for insurance on such items. It is solely the post office's responsibility.

Ura-harajyuku is not responsible for lost, stolen or otherwise confiscated cash if customers chose to send money via concealed cash. It is solely the customer's own responsibility.

The customer is held responsible for all purchases made. If you cannot pay, please find someone else who would buy your item in your stead by advertising them elsewhere. Legal procedures will ensue if no payment is received or no contact is made one week after the bill is issued.

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