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1. Item name: books- doujinshi (KAT-TUN/Gokusen 2/Nobuta wo Produce related yaoi/shounen ai)
2. Item ISBN: unknown
3. Item UPC: unknown
4. Other information:
choice 1
choice 2
choice 3
choice 4
choice 5
choice 6
choice 7
5. Condition: new or used
6. Search period: a month
7. Seeking price: $25-$35 total for all doujin (not including your fees and shipping)
8. Others: I was considering using Rinkya to get these. But then I found this place and it seems to be more reasonable priced and more personal service. I do not want to get ALL of the doujin listed, but I included a bunch in case some could not be found. I am interested in them in the order listed; the first being the most, ect. I only want to buy however many I can get for $35 or under all together (not including your fees and shipping). I'm guessing that would be 2-4 doujin. I hope that makes sense!
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